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App vetting

You need to know how apps collect data, how they use and store it, and who can access it. Our app vetting processes and privacy notices play a key role in protecting your data and securing users’ identities.

To vet apps, we use BlackBerry Guardian, a program that combines automated and manual analysis with Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service. BlackBerry Guardian continuously monitors apps submitted to BlackBerry World to help protect you from malware and privacy issues.

BlackBerry Guardian checks for apps that do not adequately inform users how they access and use personal data. Personal data can include highly sensitive information such as account details, unique device information, geolocation data, and user-generated content.

When BlackBerry Guardian identifies a suspicious app, we investigate and take whatever action is needed to protect you. We can deny the app or remove it from BlackBerry World and issue a privacy notice.

In BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.0 and later, BlackBerry Guardian automatically checks all Android apps that customers install from sources other than BlackBerry World or the Amazon Appstore. If a suspicious app is detected, the user can choose to proceed or cancel the installation.