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What is BEMS?

BEMS provides additional services for BlackBerry Dynamics apps. BEMS integrates the following services: BlackBerry Mail, BlackBerry Connect, BlackBerry Presence, and BlackBerry Docs. When these services are integrated, users can communicate with each other using secure instant messaging, view real-time presence status of users in BlackBerry Dynamics apps, and access, synchronize, and share work file server and Microsoft SharePoint. The following table describes the services offered by BEMS.



BlackBerry Mail

The BlackBerry Mail service accepts push registration requests from devices, such as iOS, and Android, and then communicates with Microsoft Exchange Server using its Microsoft Exchange Web Services protocol to monitor the user's enterprise mailbox for changes.

BlackBerry Connect

The BlackBerry Connect service boosts user communication and collaboration with secure instant messaging, corporate directory lookup, and user presence from an easy-to-use interface on IT-provisioned devices.

BlackBerry Presence

The BlackBerry Presence service provides real-time presence status to third-party BlackBerry Dynamics applications—giving them a powerful add-in for mobile collaboration.

BlackBerry Docs

The BlackBerry Docs service lets your mobile workers access, synchronize, and share documents natively using their enterprise file server, SharePoint, Box, and content management systems supporting CMIS, without the need for VPN software, firewall reconfiguration, or duplicate data stores.

BlackBerry Directory Lookup

The BlackBerry Directory Lookup service provides users the ability to look up first name, last name, and picture from your company directory and display it within the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher.

BlackBerry Follow-Me

The BlackBerry Follow-Me service supports the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher on BlackBerry Work, and will soon be available on other BlackBerry Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry Connect and BlackBerry Access, keeping the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher synchronized across multiple devices.

BlackBerry Certificate Lookup

The BlackBerry Certificate Lookup service retrieves S/MIME digital certificates from the user's Microsoft Active Directory account and matches the requested key usage. Only the recipient's public certificate is retrieved for matching.

The BEMS Dashboard is a browser-based administration console which you use to configure the server components and services after the installation completes. The BEMS Web Console, also browser-based, provides real-time monitoring and logging of device connectivity, traffic load, and throughput in near real-time.

Services, in the context of BlackBerry Dynamics, refers to concrete business-level functionality that can be consumed by a plurality of BlackBerry Dynamics applications. For example, "Look up this contact in the directory," "Subscribe to Presence for these contacts," and "Save this file to SharePoint." The BlackBerry Dynamics Services Framework allows client applications on an authenticated device to discover and utilize services by providing API publication, as well as life cycle and visibility management of services using the Developers for Enterprise Apps.

Installation icon Installation and configuration: BEMS in a Good Control, Good Proxy environment