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Use the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is the blue BlackBerry icon located in your BlackBerry Dynamics apps. It allows you to perform the following actions:
  • Quickly switch between the BlackBerry Dynamics app that is currently open and any other BlackBerry Dynamics apps on your device.
  • Move between BlackBerry Work Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Docs.
  • Access the Enterprise Appstore or your work apps catalog.
  • Access Quick Create tools for email, contacts, and calendar events.
  • Launch browser-based web clips and non-BlackBerry Dynamics apps installed on your device. Requires admin permission and the UEM Client. Launching browser-based web clips requires BlackBerry UEM server version 12.7 or later. Launching non-BlackBerry Dynamics apps requires BlackBerry UEM server version 12.7 MR1 or later.
  • Search for BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher items (iOS only).
  • Access settings.
  • See when there are new or updated apps available. The Apps icon displays a blue circle icon in the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher when there are new apps or updates.

    Note: Your device must be activated on BlackBerry UEM version 12.9 or later.

  1. To open the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, tap The Launcher icon.
  2. Perform any of the following tasks:



    Open an app listed in the Launcher.

    Tap the icon for the app that you want to open. Your options vary depending on the apps that you have installed. If you have more icons than can be displayed in the Launcher window, use the Search feature to find the app icon that you want to use (iOS only).

    Rearrange app icons in the Launcher.

    Press and slide the icons in the Launcher to reorder them. If you have more icons than can be displayed in the Launcher window, search for the app icon that you want to reorder (iOS only). Tap the checkmark to save your arrangement.

    Open a non-BlackBerry Dynamics app or web clip listed in the Launcher.

    If the BlackBerry UEM Client is installed on your device, your administrator can add app shortcuts for non-BlackBerry Dynamics apps and web clips in your Launcher. When you click an app shortcut, your browser opens the non-BlackBerry Dynamics app or opens the browser to the URL location specified by your administrator. The app shortcut can open in your BlackBerry Access browser or you may be prompted to choose which browser to use (BlackBerry Access or a native browser).

    Search for an app or web clip on an iOS device.

    Tap the Search icon.

    Launcher icons are searched and listed by first letter. Click on an icon to launch the app or clip. (iOS only)

    Open the BlackBerry Dynamics app Settings.

    Tap The Settings icon.

    Open the Quick Create menu.

    Tap The Add icon.

    Open the Enterprise Appstore.

    Tap Appstore.

    Open the BlackBerry UEM App Catalog.

    Tap Apps. This option is only available if your device is managed by BlackBerry UEM.

    Adjust the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher icon brightness.

    Tap The Settings iconand tap Launcher.

    Close the Launcher.

    Tap The Launcher icon.

    Move the location of the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher icon.

    Tap The Launcher icon and slide it to place it anywhere on the screen.