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Password Keeper

A user can use BlackBerry Password Keeper to store all passwords, usernames, and security questions in one place. Password Keeper protects the passwords with a master password, and a user is required to remember only the master password. In Password Keeper, a user can perform the following actions:
  • Type a password and its identifying information (for example, which app or service the password is for), and save the information
  • Generate secure random passwords that contain numbers, letters, and symbols and improve password strength
  • Copy passwords and paste them into an app or a password prompt for a website
  • Create backup files by exporting Password Keeper records into an encrypted (PKB2) or non-encrypted (CSV) file and securely store them where they want, for total control
  • View a password strength meter when choosing their master password or entering new passwords to store, based on a proprietary algorithm that also considers commonly used passwords

The first time that a user opens Password Keeper on their device, they must create a master password for the app. When they sign into Password Keeper after the initial setup, they have 10 attempts to enter the correct master password. After the tenth incorrect attempt, Password Keeper wipes all stored password information from the device. Limiting incorrect master password attempts to 10 not only stops an attacker from having too many chances to guess a user's password, but also protects Password Keeper data from brute-force attacks while it's stored on the device. Password Keeper also offers extra protection for a user's sensitive data by not allowing screen shots when Password Keeper is open.

Password Keeper randomly generates a master key to lock and unlock Password Keeper data using AES-256 encryption. It also randomly generates a separate key to verify the encrypted data’s integrity, ensuring that the data remains uncorrupted. The master password that the user sets for the app is used to generate a key that encrypts the master key, which means that Password Keeper data can't be decrypted without the master password.