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What's new in BlackBerry WorkLife

This section highlights the new features for the latest release of BlackBerry WorkLife.

  • Desk-mobile convergence: WorkLife users now have the ability to use their desk numbers as their WorkLife number on their mobile devices. Calls made to a user's desk number are forwarded to their mobile number as an incoming WorkLife call over the mobile network. Calls made from WorkLife are terminated as desk calls at the destination. Users can also dial extensions from their mobile devices to reach other employees within their organizations.
  • WorkLife contact synchronization: The WorkLife apps now have the option to list WorkLife numbers for all users in an organization as contacts in the WorkLife app. This list is read-only and displays in its own section in the Contacts tab.
  • Message consolidation: When this feature is enabled, the WorkLife app automatically identifies when a WorkLife user sends an SMS message to the primary number of another WorkLife user and sends the message to the recipient's WorkLife number. To help track the conversation, the WorkLife app creates a message thread and displays text beside the contact name in the thread.
  • SIP support in WorkLife: The WorkLife platform can now communicate with carrier partners or any SIP end-point (for example, an organization's PBX) over a SIP trunk for voice calls.
  • Configurations tab in the administration console: Enterprise Administrators now have more control over their organization-wide configurations from the console. In the Configurations tab, administrators can specify the name of the WorkLife profile on the device, specify whether native contacts on the device are made available in the WorkLife app as read-only contacts, specify whether WorkLife saves the contact information of callers that are in the organization’s Active Directory or Personal Address Book, and specify whether to clear the app data related to a WorkLife number when the WorkLife number is unassigned from the user.