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What is BlackBerry WorkLife?

BlackBerry WorkLife is a split-billing solution and virtual SIM platform that allows organizations to keep track of work-related voice and data usage on users' devices so that the organization can reimburse them. BlackBerry WorkLife Data allows you to track and reimburse users for work-related data usage (for example, when they use work apps). BlackBerry WorkLife Persona allows you to track and reimburse users for voice calls and SMS messages using a work phone number that you assign to a user. To use WorkLife Persona, users must install the BlackBerry WorkLife app.

BlackBerry WorkLife Persona

When you use WorkLife Persona to manage work phone numbers, you can:

  • Accurately manage and reduce costs by tracking the voice calls and text messages
  • Conveniently monitor and report work-related voice and message activity without visibility into users' personal lives
  • Easily address legal and compliance requirements associated with the exchange of sensitive information (for example, by recording calls in real-time and archiving text messages into existing enterprise eDiscovery solutions)

The WorkLife app is supported on devices running Android 5.0 or later and iPhone 5 or later devices that run iOS 8.0 or later.

BlackBerry WorkLife Data

BlackBerry WorkLife Data allows your organization to track the amount of data an employee uses for work on their personal device so that you can reimburse the employee for only the data charges incurred when they use their personal device for work purposes. Employees can continue to use personal apps, such as any apps that are not assigned by your administrator, but your organization does not track the amount of data used on personal apps and therefore does not need to reimburse any charge that incurs because of personal usage.

As an administrator, you can enable BlackBerry WorkLife Data for work apps. Work apps can be BlackBerry Dynamics apps or VPN-secured third-party apps. When the user uses a work app, WorkLife Data automatically tracks the amount of data that the app uses.