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Version : 10.14

Add a BBM contact

You can add contacts to BBM in different ways depending on the information that you have. For example, you can type someone's contact information or scan a BBM barcode. You might also be able to add contacts using NFC technology (if supported by your device).

When you invite someone to BBM by entering their email address or phone number, they receive an email or a text message with a link to download BBM.

  1. Tap The Invites icon or The More tabs icon > The Invites icon.
  2. Tap The Add Contact icon.
  3. Select an option.
  4. If necessary, enter a PIN number, phone number, or email address. Tap Send.

To cancel an invitation you sent, touch and hold the invitation. Tap The Delete Invitation icon.

Show your BBM PIN or barcode

A PIN is a unique combination of numbers and letters used to identify each person in BBM. If you don't want to share personal information, like your phone number or email address, you can share your PIN. People can add you as a BBM contact if they know your PIN, or if you show them your BBM barcode.

If you switch devices, your PIN might change. However, BBM is designed to update your contact details automatically so that your contacts don't need to add you again.

  1. At the top of the screen, tap your picture or name.
  2. Tap The Show Barcode icon. Your PIN appears under your BBM barcode.

Tip: You can view your PIN at any time by typing mypin and pressing the Space key.

Delete or block a contact

If you delete a BBM contact, you are removed from that person's contact list in BBM.

  1. Tap The Contacts icon or The More tabs icon > The Contacts icon.
  2. Touch and hold a name.
  3. Tap The Delete icon.
  4. To prevent the person from sending you invitations in BBM, select the Block Future Invitations checkbox.

Unblock a contact

You can view your blocked BBM contacts or PINs in your BBM Settings.
  1. In BBM, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap The BBM Settings icon.
  3. Tap Blocked Contacts and Feeds.
  4. Touch and hold a name.
  5. Tap The Remove icon.
Now you can add the person as a BBM contact.

I can't add a BBM contact

  1. If you invited someone to BBM but can't start a chat with the person, try any of the following:
    • To check if the contact recently changed names, tap The Feeds icon.
    • Check that the email address, phone number, or PIN in your invitation matches the person's current information.
    • Check if you blocked this person.
  2. If the person doesn't have BBM, you might have to wait for them to download and set up BBM. Contact the person to verify before you invite them again.
  3. If the person's device is turned off or if the person blocks you, your invitation might continue to appear in your Sent list. To view your pending BBM invitations, tap > The Add Contact icon or The More tabs icon > The Add Contact icon.