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Version : 10.14

Start a BBM chat

You can chat in real time with your BBM contacts and know when someone has read your message. Share pictures, voice notes, your location, and other files.

  1. On the Chats screen, tap The Start Chat icon.
  2. Tap a contact. If you can't find particular contacts, they might be pending contacts or might have recently changed their name.
  3. Type your message.
  4. To add an emoticon or sticker to your message, tap The Smile icon. Do any of the following:
    • To add an emoticon, tap The Emoticon icon.
    • To add a sticker, tap a sticker pack.
    • To buy stickers, tap The Shop icon .
    • To hide some of your sticker packs, tap The Settings icon. Next to the sticker pack that you want to hide, turn off the switch.
  5. To ping someone, tap The More actions icon > The Ping icon.

Send pictures, Glympse locations, or files

Depending on your device, some features might not be available.
Do one of the following:
  • To attach a file, such as an appointment or a file saved in Dropbox, select one of the options.
  • To take a picture, tap The camera icon.
  • To record and send a voice note, tap The voice note icon.
  • To send a Glympse so the BBM contact can follow your location on a map until a specified time, tap The send a Glympse icon. Touch the circle and slide your finger to adjust the duration from 5 minutes up to 4 hours.

Tip: If you receive a picture, you can tap Request HD to request a picture of a higher quality that you can save.

View or change a Glympse

In a BBM chat, you can view shared or received locations with Glympse.

  1. Tap The View Glympse icon.
  2. If necessary, zoom or pan on the map.
  3. To change how long you want your location to be available for, tap The Modify Glympse icon.

Send money with PayPal

Send money to a BBM contact quickly and easily using PayPal!

The first time you send money to a BBM contact, you must enter your email address and PayPal password to associate your PayPal account with BBM. If you don't have a PayPal account, you must create one before you send money.

The BBM contact you want to send money to must have the latest version of BBM installed to receive money from you. Depending on your region, this feature might not be available.

  1. In a chat, tap The Attach icon > The PayPal icon.
  2. If you're sending money to a BBM contact for the first time, sign in to PayPal.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to send.
  4. Tap Next. Follow the instructions on the screen to send money.

Start a BBM chat with someone from your device's contact list

You can quickly start a BBM chat with someone in your device's contact list without adding the user as a BBM contact. People from your device's contact list who are using BBM are listed in the Contacts category in BBM, while people you added to BBM are listed in the BBM Contacts category.

You can send and receive messages from people in your device's contact list, but these people can't see your BBM status or profile picture, and they can't call you using BBM Video or BBM Voice.

  1. On the Contacts screen, under the Contacts category, tap a contact.
  2. Type your message.

Tip: To add a person to your BBM contacts, tap Add to BBM Contacts at the top of the chat.

Send a timed message or picture

You can send messages and pictures that can be viewed for a specified amount of time. The item is hidden in the chat until you touch and hold to reveal it. After the timer expires, the content can't be viewed.

  1. After typing a message or attaching a picture, tap The Timer icon.
  2. Select how many seconds you want the other person to be able to view the item for.
  3. Tap Send or OK.
BBM is designed to alert you if the person takes a screen shot of the timed item. If you don't want to see the Timer icon in chats, you can change your BBM settings.

Send a broadcast message

You can send the same message to multiple contacts with the broadcast message feature.
Tap The More actions icon > The Send Broadcast Message icon.

View your chat history

You can scroll up in an active chat to view messages that you sent or received. BBM can show up to 10,000 messages for each contact. With a file manager app, you can browse pictures or files that a BBM contact shared if you saved them to your device.

If you want to view recent messages after you end a chat, you can change your BBM options.

  1. Tap The More actions icon > The Settings icon.
  2. Turn on the Automatically Save Your Chat History switch.

Tip: You can copy important notes to another app or you can use email to share the chat history by tapping The More actions icon.

Tip: When you turn on the Save Chat History switch, your chat history is saved at a regular interval. To save your most up-to-date chat history manually, tap Back up now.

Note: Your BBM settings, including your chat history, aren't saved when you switch devices or reinstall BBM.