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Version : 10.14

BBM icons




The Unread icon

Unread message in a chat

The Ping icon

Ping message

Contact wants your attention

The File icon

File has been sent or received

The Broadcast icon

Unread broadcast message

The Draft icon

Draft BBM message

The Sending icon

Message is sending

The Sent icon

Message has been sent

The Delivered icon

Message has been delivered

The Read icon

Message has been read

The Pending or Not Sending icon

Message hasn't been sent yet

Tip: Verify that your device is connected to a wireless network.

The Red X or Not Sent icon

Message couldn't be sent

Tip: Touch and hold the unsent message, and tap The Resend icon to resend it.

The Video Chat icon or The Voice Chat icon

Contact is available for a video chat or voice chat

The Glympse icon

You or the contact shared a Glympse location

The Busy icon

You or the contact is busy

The Music icon

Contact is listening to music

The BBM Protected icon

BBM Protected contacts

Contact can join a BBM Protected chat.

BBM Channels



The Reported icon

Content has been reported as inappropriate

The Official Channel icon

Verified channel

The Local Channel icon

Local channel

The Private Channel icon

Private channel

Only the channel owner can invite people to this channel.

The Favorite Channel icon

Favorite channel

The Owner icon

You are the channel owner

BBM group chats



The BBM Protected icon

BBM Protected group

Only people with BBM Protected can join.

The Favorite icon

You like this picture

The Comments icon

Comments have been added to the list

The Admin icon

This member is an administrator for the group