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Getting started with BlackBerry WorkLife

BlackBerry WorkLife is a split-billing solution and virtual SIM platform that allows your organization to precisely track how much you use your personal device for work and reimburse you accordingly. BlackBerry WorkLife Data allows your organization to track and reimburse you for work-related data usage (for example, when you use work apps). BlackBerry WorkLife Persona allows your organization to track and reimburse you for voice calls and SMS messages on a work line.

When you use the work apps that your administrator assigns to you, BlackBerry WorkLife automatically tracks the amount of personal data that you use on your device. For example, to keep track of work usage, your administrator might assign a BlackBerry Dynamics app, or assign other apps that are configured to use a work VPN. WorkLife does not track the use of personal apps (apps that are not assigned to your device through work).

To make phone calls and send SMS messages on a work line, you must download and activate the BlackBerry WorkLife app. Your administrator assigns the virtual work number to your device without requiring additional SIM cards to be inserted into your device. As a user, this means that your device can make and receive calls using any SIM that is inserted into your device and, on the same device, you can also make and receive work calls from any work line that your administrator assigns to you.

Supported devices

The WorkLife app is supported on devices running:

  • Android 5.0 or later
  • iOS 8.0 or later, iPhone 5 or later

The WorkLife app is available in Google Play and the App Store.