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What's new in BlackBerry WorkLife

Administration features

This section highlights the new administrator features for the latest release of BlackBerry WorkLife.

  • Block list for all users: Ability to block calls (for example, spam) from unwanted numbers for all users.
  • Record and archive calls: Ability to record and archive voice calls and text messages from the primary line of COPE or COBO devices, as well as the work line of BYOD devices.
  • WorkLife voicemail: WorkLife now provides its own voicemail separate from the user’s personal voicemail. Calls can now be sent to WorkLife voicemail if the user is not reachable.
  • Sync WorkLife contacts to native contacts: Option to allow WorkLife contacts to sync to the native contacts.
  • Password-protected reports and invoices: Reports and invoices that are generated from the management console are now password protected.
  • View device and app information: Device information and WorkLife app metadata (for example, the app version) for each employee can now be viewed from the management console.
  • Load-balancing with BEMS: Ability to load-balance across multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite URLs.
  • Native or Azure Directory contacts: Support for over 5000 native or Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect contacts.
  • Forward calls to another number: Ability to forward WorkLife calls to another number.

WorkLife Persona app features

This section highlights the new features for the latest release of the BlackBerry WorkLife Persona app.

  • Block list: Users can now block numbers from the WorkLife Persona app.
  • Send logs for troubleshooting: Users can now send log files from the WorkLife Persona app to the server for troubleshooting.
  • Separate voicemail for WorkLife calls: Users now receive a voice mail file attached to an SMS message when a WorkLife caller leaves a voice mail.