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Version: 12.3

What is WorkLife by BlackBerry?

WorkLife by BlackBerry is a Virtual SIM Platform (VSP) that allows organizations to separate work numbers and personal numbers on BlackBerry 10, iOS, or Android devices, making it easy to separate and split the cost of voice minutes, SMS, and data between an organization and its employees.

Organizations that use a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) deployment model can easily add a separate work phone number to a personal device brought in by the employee. Organizations can pay for the work line while allowing employees to keep their personal line for personal use.

For organizations that use a device deployment model where the company owns the phone and allows employees to personally enable it (corporate owned, personally enabled, or COPE), the organization can allow employees to attach a personal number as a second line to a corporate device and have all the costs associated with personal voice, SMS, and data usage charged directly to the employee.

Download the WorkLife by BlackBerry Administration Guide

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