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Introduction: Security and privacy, deep and wide

BlackBerry has an extensive legacy of integrating security and privacy into all of our products. As the power and complexity of mobile devices has increased, our focus has remained on ensuring device integrity and putting together the best security solution for our customers. We focus on building mobile devices that embed security into the hardware itself, creating secure, trusted end points for enterprise mobility.

BlackBerry devices powered by Android™ are professional and secure devices that run the Android™ OS. Just as we've always built security into every layer of our products, we bring the renowned security features of BlackBerry to the Android OS, resulting in devices that you can trust to give you better protection from threats against your apps, data, and networks.

First and foremost, our world-renowned approach to mobile device security is both deep and wide: we harden all layers of the device stack (deep) and we build security into all aspects of the end-to-end mobile device solution (wide).

This guide describes the privacy and security of BlackBerry devices powered by Android™ , including:
  • The value of embedding security into the end points to create a hardware Root of Trust
  • Layered defenses we’ve added throughout the mobile device stack, including the hardware platform, firmware, mobile OS, and secure communications and collaboration apps
  • How we've secured the Android OS
  • The flexibility of various deployment models that allow you to secure devices regardless of who owns them, which network they're on, and which EMM solution you use
  • The end-to-end BlackBerry security platform, including device security, app security, secure device management, secure network connectivity, security patch and upgrade management, and more

Download the PDF version of the security guide for BlackBerry powered by Android.