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Version: 5.1

About accessibility features on your device

Your device comes with several well-established accessibility aids for people with disabilities.

For more information on the following features, visit Android™ Accessibility Help.

  • Magnification settings allow you to zoom in or zoom out to increase or decrease the display magnification.
  • Google™ Talkback provides audible output based on the visual information displayed on your screen.
  • Switch Access allows you to navigate screens on your smartphone using external switches.
  • Braille support is available using BrailleBack.
  • Font customization allows you to choose small, medium, large, or huge sizes.
  • Screen Reader technology lets you select the text-to-speech application that you prefer to use (if you have downloaded an alternate text-to-speech engine on Google Play™ ).
  • Google Now™ voice assistant answers questions, makes recommendations, and performs actions.
  • Voice dictation allows you to dictate text instead of typing.
  • Closed or open captioned multimedia content is available. Personalize your closed caption settings by adjusting character size, color, opacity, or font.
  • Display features, such as color inversion and color correction are applied across all applications.
  • The touch & hold delay feature lets you increase the length of time for touch responses on the screen.
  • Third party keyboards are supported.
  • The ability to speak your passwords is included.
  • An accessibility shortcut is available that you can use to quickly change your accessibility settings.
  • Teletypewriter (TTY) support allows you to connect to a TTY device to make and receive calls from TTY devices.

For more information on the following features, visit BlackBerry Accessibility.

  • Hearing aid compatibility is available for certain BlackBerry smartphone models. Compatibility ratings are available online at BlackBerry Accessibility.
  • The BlackBerry Keyboard lets you type more efficiently with contextual autocorrection, next-word prediction, shortcuts, and personalized learning that gets to know the way you type. Your device gives you the option of using the touch screen keyboard, or the slide-out touch keyboard, with tactilely discernible keys.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and Speed dial allow you to assign actions and phone numbers to specific keys.
  • Alerts and notifications can be customized using tone, vibration, onscreen alerts, or the LED indicator.
  • An integrated hands-free speakerphone is available, or you can connect your device to a hands-free headset or Bluetooth enabled headset.

Download the accessibility PDF.

To view PDF files, get Adobe Reader.