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In BES12, create a Good Dynamics profile

  1. In the BES12 management console, on the menu bar, click Policies and Profiles.
  2. Click The Add icon beside Good Dynamics.
  3. Type a name and description for the profile.
  4. In the Good Control policy set drop-down list, select the policy set that you created in Good Control for authentication delegation.
  5. If you entitled apps for the Everyone group in Good Control, you do not need to select an app group because the Everyone group is used by default. If you entitled apps to a custom app group in Good Control, click The Add icon under Good app group to select the group.
  6. Click Add.

When you create or delete a Good Dynamics profile in BES12, changes are not made to users or devices that already exist in Good Control. Users that do not exist in Good Control are automatically created when you assign a Good Dynamics profile to them. When you assign a Good Dynamics profile to a user in BES12 that already exists in Good Control, the user’s Good app group and Good Control policy set are not automatically updated. The Good app group and Good Control policy set selected in the Good Dynamics profile only take effect when the user is first created in Good Control through BES12.