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In BES12, add the Good apps for Android devices

  1. In the BES12 management console, on the menu bar, click Apps.
  2. Click The Add an app icon.
  3. Click Google Play.
  4. Click Open Google Play and search for Good Work.
  5. Click the Good Work app, copy the URL, and save the icon to a location on your computer.
  6. In the App name field, type Good Work.
  7. In the App description field, type a description for the app.
  8. In the Vendor field, type the name of the app vendor.
  9. In the App icon field, click Browse. Locate the Good Work icon that you saved to your computer.
  10. In the App web address from Google Play field, paste the web address of the Good Work app.
  11. To add screen shots of the app, click Add and browse to the screen shots. The supported image types are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif.
  12. In the Send to drop-down list, select All Android devices.
  13. Click Add. Good Dynamics apps are badged with a lock icon in the app list.
  14. Repeat these steps for Good Access and any other Good apps that you want users to install on devices.

Note: If your environment includes Android for Work and KNOX Workspace devices with Good Dynamics apps (for example, Good Work, Good Access, and Good Connect), it is recommended that you configure the Connectivity Profile assigned to these devices in Good Control to disable the Good Proxy server. If you do not, the Good Dynamics apps can use BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus, but network activity from the apps might be delayed because the data is routed from devices to BES12 and to the Good Dynamics components. For instructions, see Optimize secure tunnel connections for Android devices that are Good enabled.