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Camera icons and indicators

Icon or indicator Description

The HDR Auto icon The HDR on icon The HDR off icon

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Combines multiple photos together and can capture the contrast between the light and dark areas of a scene

The camera timer off icon The 3-second timer icon The 10-second timer icon


Adds a 3-second or 10-second delay before the camera takes the photo

The HDR On indicator The low light indicator

Viewfinder indicators

Indicates the camera will take an HDR or low-light photo

Note: For best results, hold the camera as steady as possible when taking pictures in low-light environments.

The 16:9 aspect ratio icon The 4:3 aspect ratio icon The 1:1 aspect ratio icon


Changes the width and height of your photos to 16:9, 4:3, or 1:1 aspect ratios

The auto flash icon The flash off icon The flash on icon The flashlight on icon


Sets whether the flash turns on automatically, is always on or off, or turns on the flashlight to help set up a low-light shot

The rear-facing camera icon The front-facing camera icon


Switches between the front-facing and the rear-facing cameras

The capture icon


Takes a photo

The video camera icon


Records a video

The slow motion icon

Slow-motion video

Records a video in slow motion

The filters icon


Applies filters to the subject and previews the look in the viewfinder before you take a photo

The panorama icon


Seamlessly combines multiple images into one photo

Note: You can also use this mode with the front-facing camera to take group selfies.

The exposure meter


Adjusts the exposure to make your photos brighter or darker

The shutter speed icon

Shutter speed

In manual mode, sets the shutter speed for your shot

The ISO icon

ISO sensitivity

In manual mode, sets the ISO sensitivity of your shot

The auto focus icon

Manual focus

In manual mode, switches to manual focus

icon Avengers Camera auto white balance

White balance

In manual mode, sets the color temperature of your shot

The exposure icon

EV Compensation

In manual mode, sets the EV compensation of the shot