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Version: 10.3.2

About BlackBerry Balance and your work space

BlackBerry Balance technology helps address corporate security concerns without limiting personal use of your BlackBerry device.  If your administrator turns on BlackBerry Balance, the device data, apps, and network access are separated so that you have a work space and a personal space. The separate spaces help you avoid activities such as accidentally copying work data into a personal app, or displaying confidential work data during a BBM Video chat. If your administrator turns on BlackBerry Balance, your adminstrator can also specify security policies that turn on and turn off features on your device. For information about the security policies set on your device, contact your administrator.

By default, your device uses the personal space. You can it use for activities such as taking pictures, downloading videos, playing games online, saving files to a media card, and posting on social networking websites.

In your work space, you can access your work email, contacts, and calendar, create work documents, and browse to corporate intranet sites. Your work space can include a separate version of BlackBerry World that contains the applications you are allowed to download and use at work. If your work space is protected with a password, you must unlock your work space to access your work data.

You can access both personal data and work data from certain places, such as Search.