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Version: 10.3.1

Change Browser security settings

In the Browser, tap The More icon > The Settings icon > Privacy and Security.

Security settings

Remove History Items
Specify how often your BlackBerry device automatically deletes the browsing information from your BlackBerry Browser history.
Private Browsing
Keep your browsing information (your history, cached files, cookies, and so on) only while a browsing session is open. When you close the Browser, the information is automatically deleted.
Block Pop-ups
Choose whether or not to allow pop-up windows to appear in your browsing session.
Accept Cookies
Let websites use cookies to send and receive information between the website and the Browser. Cookies can be helpful because websites can use them to remember information about your preferences and user information, but cookies can pose a privacy risk as well.
Clear Cookies and Other Data
Clear all of your saved Browser information.
Clear History
Clear your Browser history.