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Version: 12.7

Known issues

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new for this release.

Installation, upgrade, migration and synchronization known issues

If you have two instances of Good Control in your environment and you start the synchronization of Good Control with BlackBerry UEM on one instance and then stop it, when you restart the synchronization on the second instance of Good Control, the synchronization does not start again. (JI 2215589)

Workaround: Cancel the synchronization again, wait for a Cancel now button to display, click the button, and then restart the synchronization on the second instance of Good Control.

When you are using the command prompt window to install or upgrade the software, the installation or upgrade might fail if the SNMP service locks the monitoring DLL file. (JI 2193276)

Workaround: Stop the SNMP service and perform the installation or upgrade again. Or you can restart the server and perform the installation or upgrade again.

When you run the command to install a snap-in, instead of the License: Append the command “--iAcceptEULA” to the installation script, for example “plugin-deploy.bat --plugins “C:\Program agreement screen, the error message “EULA must be accepted to run scripted installation” is displayed. (JI 2187066)

Workaround: Append the command “--iAcceptEULA” to the installation script, for example “plugin-deploy.bat --plugins “C:\Program Files\snapinDir\test\” --GUI “snapinGUI.txt” --iAcceptEULA”.

When you migrate more than 2000 users from BES10 to BlackBerry UEM Files\snapinDir\test\” --GUI “snapinGUI.txt” --iAcceptEULA”., the migration might fail. (JI 1676361)

Workaround: Migrate a maximum of 1000 users at a time

If the Good Proxy server folder is nested inside the Good Control server folder, when you upgrade to BlackBerry UEM, the upgrade will fail. (JI 1638535)

After you install BlackBerry UEM version 12.6, if you try to stop or restart the BlackBerry UEM Core an error message displays. (JI 1532799)

Workaround: The BlackBerry UEM Core will eventually stop even though the error message displays. If you were trying to restart the service, start the service manually after it stops.

The installation of the software does not complete if your domain name contains an ampersand (&). (JI 1532095)

User and device management known issues

Currently Proxy configuration with PAC files does not work for iOS devices. Proxy configuration for iOS devices must use manual configuration with an IP address. (FIRST-12273)

* The BlackBerry UEM Client does not update the Google Play when a user is using a Samsung KNOX device that has been activated using the Work space only (Samsung KNOX), Work and personal - full control (Samsung KNOX), or Work and personal - user privacy (Samsung KNOX) activation types, so when you activate a device that requires a Google Play update, the activation will fail. If you used the Work space only (Samsung KNOX) activation type, the device will factory reset when the activation fails. (JI 2391617)

Workaround for devices that do not use KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME): Ensure that Google Play is updated before you activate a Samsung KNOX device.

Workaround for devices that use KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME): For more information, visit to read article KB46917.

* When you use a Work space only activation type to activate an Android 8.0 device and you configure a Wi-Fi profile in BlackBerry UEM, the device user might not be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. (JI 2371987)

Workaround: In your organization's IT policy, select the “Allow changing Wi-Fi settings" option. Note that this issue is fixed in Android 8.1.

* When you use a Samsung KNOX activation profile to activate an Android device and you select the "Google Play app management for Samsung KNOX Workspace devices" option, the device will not activate and a Google Play services error will display. For more information, visit to read article KB46917. (JI 2343363)

* On a Samsung KNOX device, required BlackBerry UEM hosted apps might not display in the "Installed" section when the user opens Google Play on the device, even if they are actually installed. (JI 2251895)

* You cannot re-activate a macOS device if you remove the activation profile on the device. (JI 2226652)

The BlackBerry UEM Client is not automatically updated for devices that use an Apple VPP account when the VPP account setting "Automatically update the app when a new version is available" is enabled in BlackBerry UEM. (JI 2197631)

When you are activating an Android device that has a work profile, if you exceed the limit of allowed users in the Google domain, the device is left in a partially activated state. (JI 1644881)

Workaround: Deactivate the device, and before you attempt to reactivate the device, ensure you have enough room in the Google domain for the user.

BlackBerry UEM cannot synchronize apps on Windows 10 devices if the app is a legacy app that uses the XAP file type. (JI 1531748)

Workaround: Remove the apps from BlackBerry UEM. Users must go to the Windows store and download and install the apps.

Management console known issues

In a BlackBerry UEM and BES5 integrated environment, if you delete a BlackBerry OS user from the BlackBerry Administration Service without selecting the "Delete the user and remove the BlackBerry information from the user’s mail system" option, and then you add the same user to BlackBerry UEM and activate a BlackBerry OS device for the user, the BlackBerry OS device information does not display in the BlackBerry UEM management console.

* If you create a Senior HelpDesk or Junior HelpDesk administrator role and assign the ‘Create users’ and ‘Edit company directory settings’ permissions to the role, when you use one of the roles to create a user or edit an Microsoft Active Directory connection, an error message displays. (JI 2373834)

Workaround: To get the Create user permission to work, grant the "Edit Apple DEP settings" permission to the role. To get the ‘Edit company directory settings’ permission to work, grant the "Edit Apple DEP settings" permission to the role and for the Senior HelpDesk role you also need to grant the 'View servers' and 'edit servers' permissions.

* If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 10 computer, and you have created a large number of groups, when you navigate to Groups > User, you cannot scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next to open the next page of groups. (JI 2371502)

Workaround: Zoom out in the browser window and the Next button will display.

* If you create an administrator role and assign the View Compliance Profile permission to the role, when you use the role to try to view a compliance profile, the profile does not display. (JI 2286173)

Workaround: Assign the View Restricted Apps permission to the role.

* In a BlackBerry Dynamics profile, in the 'Password expiration' list, one of the options that displays is 420. The option should be 240. (JI 2238373)

* After you add a public BlackBerry Dynamics app to the app list and click refresh, the app might not display in the list. (JI 2227772)

In an AirPrint profile, the title of the AirPrint configuration table does not display. (JI 2225903)

When you remove an app from a group, it may take more than 10 second to remove the app. Also, an error displays if you delete more than one app at a time. (JI 2224795)

On the device tab for a user, in the Manage device section, if you click on the text below the device command icons, the command is not sent to the device. (JI 2220571)

Workaround: Click on the device command icon.

After you assign offline apps to a Windows 10 device, on the Apps page the apps might display as online apps. (JI 2213877)

When you create an IT policy for Android devices, the "Force the device and work space passwords to be different" rule forces devices to handle the personal and work space passwords separately, but does not prevent users from using the same password for both instances. (JI 2206856)

You cannot update the version of an app in the BlackBerry UEM console before the newer version of the app is available in Google Play. (JI 2203775)

Workaround: Add the new version of the app to Google Play, wait for Google to publish the app and then add the app to the BlackBerry UEM console.

When you create an email profile for an Android device, the "Use credentials and certificate" option for Secure Work Space devices still displays. You can ignore the option. (JI 2196865)

When you host an internal app for Android devices in BlackBerry UEM, if you do not add a license for the app, a Warning icon does not display on the App list page. (JI 2195984)

When you host an internal app for Android devices in BlackBerry UEM, if you do not add a license key for the app, and you click Next, a 404 error displays. (JI 2195980)

When you disable detailed logging for a BlackBerry Dynamics app (either by policy set or at the user level), the detailed logging does not display as disabled on the device tab in the BlackBerry Dynamics Apps section. Also, when you enable detailed logging for a BlackBerry Dynamics app (either by policy set or at the user level), the detailed logging displays as Off on the device tab in the BlackBerry Dynamics Apps section. (JI 1677889)

If you install the BlackBerry UEM Core on one server and the management console on another server, when you navigate to Settings > Infrastructure > BlackBerry Control, the URL for the BlackBerry Control console that displays contains the FQDN of the server where the console is installed instead of the FQDN of the server where the BlackBerry Control Service is installed. Note that this issue does not display after you upgrade to BlackBerry UEM 12.6 MR1 and perform the synchronization. (JI 1657049)

You can create a user account without enabling a service and specifying a contact email address. If you then enable the user account for device management and set or autogenerate a password that is sent to the user's device, the task appears to complete successfully instead of displaying a warning that an email address is required before the task can be completed. (JI 1507131)

Workaround: Add a contact email address when you create a user account.

UEM Self-Service known issues

The expiration period for access keys generated in UEM Self-Service is 24 hours instead of 30 days. (JI 1659057)

BlackBerry UEM API known issues

When you are using the BlackBerry UEM SOAP APIs, if an authentication failure against a CAP API occurs, the faultCode in the response from BlackBerry UEM is "PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED" which does not accurately describe the reason for the failure. This response is different from the one that Good Control used to provide when an authentication failure occurred. If you have hard-coded your application to expect the old Good Control failure response you will need to modify your client code. (JI 1620440)