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Version: 12.7

Fixed issues in BlackBerry UEM 12.7 MR2

User and device management fixed issues

When a device that has an associated managed Google account was activated, BlackBerry UEM reconciled all apps applicable to the device and published them to Google Play. (JI 2226820)

On a Samsung KNOX device, after an administrator assigned an app with the disposition set to "Optional" to a device, the user could not install the app on the device. (JI 2224020)

Wi-Fi profiles with proxy settings were not applied to devices running Android 8.0 or later that were activated with MDM controls or User privacy. If a device with one of these activation types was upgraded to Android 8.0 or later, the Wi-Fi profile was removed from the device. (JI 2221778)

A deadlock exception might have occurred in the BlackBerry UEM Core log file when you deactivated a device running Android 8.0 or later and then used a different activation type to reactivate the device. (JI 2221074)

On a Samsung KNOX device, apps that were hosted by BlackBerry UEM did not display in the Google Play store in the work space. (JI 2218089)

Management console fixed issues

An error displayed when you tried to view a user's details. (JI 2243217)

You couldn't send an activation email that contained a QR code to a user. (JI 2228448)

If you activated a device using the MDM controls activation type and then deactivated the device and reactivated it using the apps only activation type, the device might have displayed twice on the Managed devices page. (JI 2223412)

When you saved a network usage profile without making any changes to it, the values that you set in the Allow data roaming and Allow cellular data fields might have changed. (JI 2221691)

If you had multiple Microsoft Active Directory connections configured and you entered an incorrect password when you logged in to the console, BlackBerry UEM attempted to communicate with all of the Microsoft Active Directory connections. This might have caused you to be locked out of your Microsoft Active Directory account if you had set the number of unsuccessful log in attempts to a small number. (JI 2221038)

For devices that used BlackBerry Dynamics and had been assigned a Gatekeeping profile, on the device tab the Gatekeeping profile might have displayed a status of “Connection pending.” (JI 2207296)

In the BlackBerry Dynamics profile, if you selected the “Do not allow personal information” option, personal information such as the user’s first and last names were allowed in a password for BlackBerry Dynamics apps. (JI 2206010)

BlackBerry UEM API fixed issues

The BlackBerry Web Services API call GetLicenseInfoRequest did not return the number of available licenses or the number of licenses used. (JI 2194649)