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Version: 12.7

Fixed issues in BlackBerry UEM 12.7 MR1

Installation, upgrade, and migration fixed issues

During installation, the setup application did not timeout if it could not connect with the BlackBerry UEM management console. (JI 2202359)

When you migrated BlackBerry 10 devices from BES10 to BlackBerry UEM 12.7, query timeouts might have caused device re-activation failures. (JI 2198685)

When you migrated BlackBerry 10 devices from one instance of BlackBerry UEM to another, deadlocks might have displayed in the BlackBerry UEM Core log file. (JI 2196980)

If your environment consisted of BES12 version 12.5 MR2 that was integrated with Good Control, when you upgraded to BlackBerry UEM 12.7, the BlackBerry Control service might not have started if the original Good Dynamics installation had special characters in the enterprise name. (JI 2189985)

User and device management fixed issues

If you used the “BlackBerry Dynamics apps only” activation type to activate a device for a user, you could not activate a BlackBerry 10 device for the same user. (JI 2208518)

After you activated the BlackBerry Access app on an iOS device, if you opened the app and clicked the BlackBerry Dynamics launcher and tried to install an internal or custom BlackBerry entitlement app, an error message might have displayed. (JI 2208076)

On iOS devices that were activated using the User privacy activation type, apps might not have been removed from the New/Updates tab after the user tapped “Install” and devices might have received a daily notification for these apps on the New/Updates tab. (JI 2207046)

If you removed an app shortcut from the home screen of an iOS device, the shortcut might have installed on the home screen again. (JI 2206100)

If you were using a VPN profile and you upgraded to BlackBerry UEM 12.7, when you assigned the Cisco AnyConnect app to a user, the app did not prompt the user to accept the EULA to establish a connection with the device. (JI 2175317)

Management console fixed issues

In the BlackBerry UEM console, when you navigated to the Settings > BlackBerry Enterprise Identity > Settings, or Settings > BlackBerry Enterprise Identity > Services pages, the console might have stopped responding. (JI 2209127)

If your environment consisted of BES12 version 12.5 MR2 that was integrated with Good Control, after you upgraded to BlackBerry UEM 12.7, an error message might have displayed when you tried to update a customized Good Dynamics app binary of a Good entitlement if the new app binary and the old app binary had the same major and minor version but a different build number. (JI 2208043)

On the Settings > Licensing page, the Licensing settings page did not display. (JI 2208694)

When a Junior HelpDesk administrator clicked on a user that had an activated device, an error message might have displayed. (JI 2205328)

When you posted an .apk file update for an Android app, even if the network location that hosted the app had enough free disk space, an error might have occurred. (JI 2204432, JI 2195597)

After you upgraded from BlackBerry UEM 12.6.3 to BlackBerry UEM 12.7, on the Users > Exchange Gatekeeping page the status for gatekeeping users might not have displayed correctly. (JI 2203830)

When you created an enterprise connectivity profile and you selected the "Enable per-app VPN" option, and you created an app group and assigned it to a user, if you tried to assign a different enterprise connectivity profile to the user, no profiles were available in the list. (JI 2198960)

When you created a device group, any user groups that you created were not listed under the "Scope to user groups" section. (JI 2198147)

If you were using Windows Internet Explorer 11, when you created a BlackBerry Dynamics profile and you clicked on the Edit button in the App authentication delegation section, you could not search for apps in the "Select apps for authentication delegation" list. For example if you searched for apps that contained the word "BlackBerry", no results displayed. (JI 2197605)

When you created a device profile for Android devices, the tool tip for the "Workspace wallpaper" field stated that it applied only to Samsung KNOX workspace devices but it applied to all KNOX devices except devices activated with the Work and personal - user privacy (Samsung KNOX) activation type. Also, the tooltip for the "Organization" notice field did not state that it applied only to KNOX devices. (JI 2197175)

On the Apps page, the number of users in the Applied users column displayed as 0 for apps that you assigned directly to users or through an app group. (JI 2190709)

If a user had more than one device activated that used BlackBerry Dynamics apps, on the User summary page you could not tell which user certificate belonged to which device. (JI 2182996)

UEM Self-Service fixed issues

In UEM Self-Service, on the My devices > Apps page, the app icons might have displayed as generic grey icons. (JI 2206907)