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Manage BlackBerry Dynamics apps

Note: If your organization uses BlackBerry UEM Cloud, this feature is not available.

If your device is enabled for BlackBerry Dynamics and you have BlackBerry Dynamics apps installed on your device, you can use BlackBerry UEM Self-Service to manage the apps.
  1. In BlackBerry UEM Self-Service, select your device.
  2. Click the APPS tab.
  3. Click an app icon and complete one of the following tasks:




    Lock an app

    When you or your administrator locks an app, you prevent anyone from opening it.

    1. Click Lock app.
    2. Click Lock.

    Unlock an app

    Apps can become locked for different reasons, including authentication or compliance issues. Also, you or your administrator can lock an app. To unlock an app you need to use an unlock key.

    1. Click Unlock app. An unlock key and expiration is displayed.
    2. On your device, open the app and type the unlock key.
    3. Click Close.

    Delete app data

    When you delete app data, you remove all data stored by the app but the app is not deleted. You will need to reactivate the app using an access key.

    1. Click Delete app data.
    2. Click Delete.