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Known issues

If you are using BlackBerry UEM 12.7 or 12.7 MR1, you will encounter the following error when you import the sample plug-in from the SDK package, or when you create a new BlackBerry UEM plug-in:

"Downloading Exception in thread "main" Exception in thread "main""

This issue was resolved in 12.7 MR2.

Workaround: After you extract the contents of the SDK package to <drive>:\Program Files\BlackBerry\UEM, complete the following steps:
  1. Navigate to <drive>:\Program Files\BlackBerry\UEM\sdk\tools\gradle\wrapper.
  2. Open in a text editor.
  3. Comment out the following internal distribution URL:


  4. Remove the comments from the following public distribution URL:


If you installed BlackBerry UEM before you installed the JDK, when you try to compile and build a plug-in package from the command line (g zip), the process may fail. (2201514)

Workaround: After you install the JDK, add the following to Enviroment Variables > System variables:
  • JAVA_HOME: <file path to the jdk_version folder> (for example, C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_112)
  • CLASSPATH: .;%JAVA_HOME%\lib;%JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib
  • PATH: <your_unique_entries>;%JAVA_HOME%\bin

When you start the process to integrate your Eclipse development environment with the local UEM installation, a window prompts you to choose which UEM services to stop so that you can complete the integration. After you select the services and click OK, the integration process does not stop the services. (2195939)

Workaround: In the Windows Services, stop the UEM services manually.

If you create an executable installer with a UI for a UEM plug-in (see the Development Guide for instructions), and you configured the installer to display a EULA that the user must accept, the following error message is displayed when the user should see the EULA: "EULA must be accepted to run scripted installation." (2187066)

Workaround: When you create the plug-in installer, include the following command for plugin-deploy.bat: --iAcceptEULA

Link to release notes information. Release notes