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Today’s threats to mobile security have reached crisis proportions. Every day I read a news article about another hacker attack, malware epidemic, million-dollar data breach, or explosive spying report. At BlackBerry, security is integral to everything we do. It’s not just an offering we provide – security is a philosophy we embody. We have the know-how, patents, and heritage to deal with these threats.

We build security into every layer of our products, from software, hardware, infrastructure and devices. These layers all work together on our proprietary network to create scalable security solutions that are the only ones trusted enough for global financial services companies, top law firms, health care providers, law enforcement, defense departments and the Oval Office. BlackBerry has over 50 security certifications and approvals, more than any other mobile vendor, including the only “Full Operational Capability” approval to run on U.S. Department of Defense networks.

At BlackBerry, our entire focus is on making workers more productive and organizations more secure. After reading this guide, you'll understand why we're the gold standard and why you can trust us to be your mobile security solution.

John Chen

CEO, BlackBerry

Download the BlackBerry 10 Security Overview PDF.

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