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Version: 10.3.1

Navigating the BlackBerry Hub

Peek at your messages in the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere

Whether you're on your home screen or using an application, you can peek at or open the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere on the device.

  1. From the bottom of the screen, slide your finger up just a little bit. The current view shrinks to show your notifications.
  2. Slide your finger to the right to peek at the BlackBerry Hub.
    • To fully open the BlackBerry Hub, continue sliding your finger to the right.
    • To return to what you were doing, slide your finger back to the left and down.

BlackBerry device with a thumb and a directional arrow moving in an arc starting from below the device screen to midway up and toward the right of the screen. The BlackBerry Hub is partially visible on the left side of the screen. Shows the peek gesture.

Peek at your messages and notifications while you're composing or viewing a message

In a message, slowly slide your finger from the left edge of the message to the right. Continue sliding to bring your list of messages and notifications into view.

Illustration of the device with a thumb covering the bottom left corner of the screen. A directional arrow indicates the movement of the thumb from the left to the right.

Jump to the next or previous message

  1. In a message, slowly slide your finger from the left edge of the message to the right to peek at your list of messages.
  2. While holding the message open, slide your finger up or down to highlight the next or previous message in the list.
  3. To open the highlighted message, release your finger.

Check your upcoming events from the BlackBerry Hub

You can check your agenda in the BlackBerry Calendar app, but if you're already in the BlackBerry Hub, just stay where you are.

At the top of your list of messages and notifications, where today's date appears, slowly drag down. Your upcoming events start to appear. The more you drag, the more you see.

BlackBerry device showing an arrow moving down toward the bottom of the screen. Shows the gesture for peeking at your calendar events from within the BlackBerry Hub.

Create a meeting from an email

When you create a meeting or event from an email, your BlackBerry device populates the invitation with the subject line from the email, and the recipients of the email become the invitees.

  1. In an email, tap The More icon > The Invite to Meeting icon.
  2. Enter any additional information for the meeting.
  3. Tap Save.

Add a contact from the BlackBerry Hub

  1. In the BlackBerry Hub, touch and hold a message.
  2. Tap The Add to Contacts icon.
    • To add the contact to an existing contact entry (for example, to add a new email address for a contact), tap a contact from the list.
    • To add the contact as a new contact, tap The Add icon.
  3. Tap Save.

Refresh your list of messages

If you added an email account that doesn't support push messaging services, you can refresh the BlackBerry Hub to check for new messages.
In the BlackBerry Hub, tap The More icon > The Refresh icon.