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Version: 2.10

What is BlackBerry Notes?

BlackBerry Notes provides you with a secure, synchronized connection to the notes in your work email account. You can use BlackBerry Notes to create and manage your notes while you're away from your desk.

BlackBerry Notes provides the following features:



Rich-text editing

Create notes with a full set of rich-text editing features.

Organize and categorize

  • Sort notes by title, last modified, or creation date
  • Organize your notes: Find a note by title, body, or both with the search tool, search in individual rich-text notes
  • Assign categories to your notes for an added level of organization
  • Synchronize your root notes folder
Secure sharing and storing of data
  • Share your notes as email messages (requires BlackBerry Work)
  • Keep your data secure with FIPS-validated cryptography