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Version: 10.3.1

Things you can do with the BlackBerry Assistant

You can use the BlackBerry Assistant to perform various tasks within the following apps and services. Depending on your device language, BlackBerry Assistant settings, or wireless network, you might not be able to perform some of these tasks.

App or Service Tasks
The Email icon


Send an email, reply to an email, and search your email messages.

The BBM icon


Send a BBM message, reply to a BBM message, and search your BBM messages.

The Phone icon


Make a call by using a contact name or phone number, and check or return your missed calls.

The Calendar icon


Create a calendar event, edit a calendar event, invite colleagues to a meeting, and search your calendar.

The Knowledge icon


Get answers to thousands of questions with the help of Wolfram Alpha.

The Text Messages icon

Text Messaging

Send a text message, reply to a text message, and search your text messages.

The Apps and Settings icon Apps and Settings

Open apps and change some of your device settings.

The Search icon


Search the Internet with your preferred search engine, or search your device by keyword.

The Navigation icon


Get directions to a specific address, city center, or point of interest.

The Alarm icon


Set a new alarm, change existing alarms to a new time or frequency, and turn off alarms.

The Facebook icon


Send a Facebook message, search your messages, and update your Facebook status.

The Twitter icon


Post a tweet, find out what topics are trending, search your Twitter direct messages, and send a direct message.

The Foursquare icon


Check in to your favorite locations with Foursquare.

The music icon


Search your music library, play your favorite songs or playlists, and pause, shuffle, or skip songs while they play.

The Reminders icon


Create tasks, notes, and reminders in BlackBerry Remember, and search your tasks, notes, and reminders.
The Weather icon


Check your local forecast, a different city's forecast, and other weather information.

The Places icon


Find businesses and points of interest nearby, or find businesses and points of interest in a different city.
The Sports icon


Check scores, schedules, standings, and other info for various professional sports leagues in North America and Europe.
The Movies icon


Check movie times for a specific movie, or check what’s playing at a specific theater.