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Keyboard shortcuts: BlackBerry Hub

If your device has a physical keyboard, you can use the following shortcuts in the BlackBerry Hub.

In the list of messages

Action Shortcut
Compose a message Press C.
View your account list Press A.
Search the BlackBerry Hub Press S.
Move to the top of your message list Press T.
Move to the bottom of your message list Press B.
Go to the next unread message in the list Press U.

When a message is selected or in a message

Action Shortcut
Cancel a selection Press C.
Delete a message Press the Backspace key.
File a message Press I.
Flag a message Press W.
Reply to a message Press R.
Reply all to a message Press L.
Forward a message Press F.
Mark a message as read or unread Press M.

Ctrl shortcuts

You can send a message using a Ctrl key on a touch screen keyboard or a physical keyboard. If your device has a physical keyboard, you must assign a Ctrl key to one of the Shift keys. For more information, see Set a Ctrl key for a physical keyboard.

Note: Before you send the email message, make sure the cursor is in the body of the message.

Action Shortcut
Send a message using a touch screen keyboard on your device Touch and hold the ?123 key, and then tap the Enter key.
Send a message using a physical keyboard on your device Press and hold the Shift key (The shift key) that you assigned as the Ctrl key, and then press the Enter key.