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Configuring BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is a UI component that is accessed in BlackBerry Dynamics apps with the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher button. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is a library module with numerous functions, currently comprising of the following. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher creates a placeholder location for app settings.

  • The user's name, photo, presence, and status
  • A list of BlackBerry Dynamics-powered apps and modules installed on the device.
  • Quick create options to easily compose an email, create a note, schedule a calendar event, or add a contact, regardless of which app is currently open.

To provide this rich user experience, the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher library requires BEMS server-side services to:

  • Synchronize policy-based sections (modules) between applications. For example, when Docs is enabled in BlackBerry Work, the Docs icon is enabled in the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, even when it is opened outside of BlackBerry Work in apps like BlackBerry Access or BlackBerry Connect.
  • Fetch company directory information about the user to display the correct name and picture.
  • Fetch presence information for the user and display the appropriate status (available, busy, away, do not disturb) and the user's presence message.

The required server-side services for the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher comprise of the following:

  • Presence (service id = com.good.gdservice.enterprise.presence)
  • BlackBerry Directory Lookup (service id =
  • Good Follow-Me Store (service id = com.good.gdservice.enterprise.followme)

The client entitlement app to use these services is Good Enterprise Services (AppID = com.good.gdserviceentitlement.enterprise).

BlackBerry Dynamics clients, like the BlackBerry Work app, check the server list for available BEMS instances hosting these services. This means the list must be populated with at least one computer that hosts BEMS to enable Good Enterprise Services. In addition, the Good Enterprise Services entitlement app must be added to at least one App Group in Good Control like "Everyone" .

Installation icon Installation and configuration: BEMS in a Good Control, Good Proxy environment