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Appendix I – Migrating your Good Share database to BEMS-Docs

A Good Share deployment can migrate/repurpose its database for the BEMS-Docs service to support existing user transition from the BlackBerry Share client to BlackBerry Work. First, however, BEMS and the Docs Configuration Console must be installed in in the environment.

Client App Support Considerations

The following limitations must be considered in determining whether or not a migration is advisable:

  • BlackBerry Share clients communicate with the BlackBerry Share server only; they are not supported by the BEMS-Docs service
  • BlackBerry Work Docs communicates with the BEMS-Docs service only; it is not supported by the Good Share server.

Given these inherent limitations, it is recommended that you continue to run your deployed BlackBerry Share servers in parallel with the BEMS-Docs service for a duration sufficient to conveniently transition your users from their BlackBerry Share client app to BlackBerry Work.

Note: After upgrading your Good Share database to BEMS-Docs, discontinue using the old Good Share Console and use only the BEMS Dashboard Home > Docs pages for administration going forward.

Otherwise, you will want to consider two basic migration scenarios:

  • Migrating with continued BlackBerry Share client support
  • Migrating to BlackBerry Work only (no BlackBerry Share client support)
Installation icon Installation and configuration: BEMS in a Good Control, Good Proxy environment