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Architecture: BEMS

Diagram showing the high-level BEMS architecture

From this high-level architectural view, the diagram does not show how the BlackBerry Work application connects to Microsoft Exchange Server for accessing email. It shows how each BEMS service is accessed by BlackBerry Work on devices, which is BEMS role, to expose secure device-facing services used by BlackBerry Work and make them available to other BlackBerry Dynamics-powered apps. These services currently include BlackBerry Push Registration, BlackBerry Follow Me, BlackBerry Presence, BlackBerry Directory Lookup, and BlackBerry Docs.

Communicating using the protocols shown, the feature modules of BEMS integrate with your backend systems of record using a shared Microsoft SQL Server running multiple databases for Core/Mail, Connect, and Docs.

For high availability, BEMS is deployed as a cluster, with all of its device-facing services provided by all instances of BEMS in the cluster and made available to client devices through the BlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure. Each BlackBerry Dynamics-powered client app connects through a Good Proxy cluster deployed on-premise. Entitlement to use BEMS services is managed through Good Control.

A slightly different view looks like this again at a high level:

Diagram showing the high-level BEMS architecture

It is important to note in the diagram above that the BlackBerry Mail service utilizes the same database server as Good Control. The database server can be local to Good Control or remote.

Some necessary supporting infrastructure is required to support enterprise network operations. Such components include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Skype for Business
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager for IM and Presence
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Good Control
  • Good Proxy

For more information about the BEMS architecture in a BlackBerry UEM environment, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Products Guide.

Installation icon Installation and configuration: BEMS in a Good Control, Good Proxy environment