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BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android version 4.0

What's new in the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android version 4.0



New options for BlackBerry Dynamics library version compliance

In a compliance profile or compliance policy, an administrator can enable the BlackBerry Dynamics library version verification compliance rule to specify an enforcement action if a BlackBerry Dynamics app is using a version of the BlackBerry Dynamics library that is not permitted. The available enforcement actions are "Do not allow BlackBerry Dynamics apps to run" and "Delete BlackBerry Dynamics app data."

In previous releases of UEM, standalone Good Control, and the SDK, BlackBerry Dynamics apps could be blocked or deleted unintentionally if an app used a version of the library that was not available in the version list (for example, a pre-release version of the SDK).

In UEM, by default the BlackBerry Dynamics library version verification compliance rule is not selected and all versions are permitted. An administrator can enable this option and select specific versions to disallow.

In standalone Good Control 5.0, the following options have been added to this compliance rule:
  • Allow all BlackBerry Dynamics library versions: Apps that use any version of the SDK library are allowed. If this option is enabled, the administrator cannot select specific versions to allow or disallow. By default, this option is disabled.
  • Allow unlisted BlackBerry Dynamics library versions: Apps that use versions of the SDK library that are newer than the latest version listed in the compliance rule are allowed. The administrator can still allow or disallow specific versions of the library from the version list. By default, this option is enabled.

Support for spannable text

AAR file distribution

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK libraries are available in the SDK package as AAR files that can be published to an internal repository. The files are found in m2repository/com/blackberry/blackberrydynamics.

Support for HTTP PATCH requests

The SDK now supports HTTP PATCH requests. For more information, see the new class HttpPatch in the API reference, in the same package as the current HttpGet and HttpPost classes. The Apache HTTP client sample app has been updated to support HTTP PATCH requests.

Ban common passwords for the BlackBerry Dynamics container

In BlackBerry UEM 12.8 or standalone Good Control 5.0, administrators can use a BlackBerry Dynamics profile (UEM) or a security policy (Good Control) to upload a text file that lists banned passwords for the BlackBerry Dynamics container (for example, “password”). Users cannot use the specified passwords when setting a password for the container. Administrators can use this feature to protect against common or weak passwords that do not meet security standards. This feature is compatible with existing password complexity features.

Please note the following restrictions:
  • The banned passwords text file must contain UTF-8 values only.
  • The file can contain a maximum of 10,000 passwords.
  • The maximum file size is 1 MB.
  • Banned passwords with more than 14 characters are not saved.
  • When using standalone Good Control, you cannot specify a banned password that consists only of spaces, and leading and trailing spaces are trimmed. These restrictions do not apply if you are using BlackBerry UEM.

Deprecated items

  • The GDServiceProviderType enum is deprecated and has been replaced with GDServiceType.
  • The programming interface is deprecated in the base class, replaced by a toURI().toURL() sequence.


Deprecated methods


  • getServiceProvidersFor: Instead use the form in which the last parameter is GDServiceType, not GDServiceProviderType.
  • getApplicationDetailsForService (String serviceId, String version)
  • IccReceiverShouldAuthorize
  • Constant GDAppConfigKeyHost
  • Constant GDAppConfigKeyPort


  • Class is deprecated.

Fixed issues

The following issues are fixed in this release:
  • File.length() returned 0 after calling File.setLastModified() on a non-empty file. (FIRST-14908)

Known issues

  • If you enable Data Leakage Prevention policies in the management console, when a user pastes copied text, the text may lose some of its previous formatting. (GD-32734)