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Version: 2.6

What is BlackBerry Connect?

BlackBerry Connect is a secure, mobile, instant messaging application that is built on BlackBerry Dynamics. It has similar features to consumer instant messaging apps but, instead of connecting to consumer services like Google Talk or Yahoo! Messenger, BlackBerry Connect connects to an organization's instant messaging server, like Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, Skype for Business Online, IBM Sametime, or Cisco Unified Communications Manager for IM and Presence.

BlackBerry Connect provides the following features:



Reach contacts

See mobile presence and then reach contacts using the best way, whether by phone, text message, instant message, or email.

Create and participate in group discussions

Create and participate in topic-based group discussions. Be notified of messages posted to the group discussions you participate in. Leave group discussions and return at a later date. Group discussion messages are persistent, and participants can view all of the messages posted even before users join the group discussion.