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Version: 10.3.3

Typing in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish

The Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish languages are largely based on a Latin alphabet with a few variations. These languages use the basic QWERTY keyboard layout with the addition of Å, Æ and Ø (for Danish and Norwegian), and Ö and Ä (for Finnish and Swedish). The keyboards also support the following features:

  • Word prediction and flicking word suggestions up onto the screen (if you have this feature turned on)
  • You can type alternate characters in two ways. You can press The Shift key and press a letter. A second method is to press and hold the primary character. Then, you can select the alternate character from the options.
  • Alternate characters are available for I (Ä), O (Ö), P (Å), K (Æ), and L (Ø). To type an alternate character, press and hold the primary character. Then, select the accented character.
  • To type a symbol, tap Symbol key. To view more symbols, tap Symbol key again.

Character guide for Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish

The typical Danish, Norwegian, Finish, and Swedish keyboard layouts looks like this:

Keyboard layout with basic characters for Nordic languages

In some cases, you may notice that the BlackBerry Keyboard varies slightly from this example depending on the input language. If your device doesn't have the Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish characters on the display, you can try selecting qwerty_nb from the Additional Layouts on the input settings screen.