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Version: 10.3.3

Typing in Arabic or Farsi

The Arabic and Farsi keyboard layouts support the following features:

  • The Arabic language has more characters in the alphabet than there are keys on the keyboard. As a result, more than one native character appears on one key. There may be alternate letters that are related to a primary letter or have a similar form. You can use the keyboard mapping guide that appears with the typing task to determine how to press and hold a letter or multi-press to access the second and third characters on each key.
  • The Farsi language has a few characters that are different from the basic Arabic alphabet. These characters are listed on the keyboard mapping guide.
  • Word prediction and flicking word suggestions up onto the screen (if you have this feature turned on)
  • You can type alternate characters and diacritics in two ways. You can press Shift icon and press a letter. A second method is to press and hold the primary character. Then, select the alternate character from the options.
  • To type a symbol, tap Symbol key. To view more symbols, tap Symbol key again.

Character guide for Arabic or Farsi

The typical Arabic keyboard layout looks like this:

Keyboard layout showing Arabic characters. Arabic characters appear on most keys. More than one Arabic character appears on the Q key, P key, A key, and Speakerphone key.

The following table shows how to type the Arabic and Farsi alphabet when there is more than one native character on each physical key.

Single key press Double key press Shift key + key press Multi-tap
ص ض ض ص ض
ف     ڤ
ج چ (Farsi only) چ (Farsi only) چ
س ش ش س ش
ي   ى ئ ى
ب پ (Farsi only) پ (Farsi only) پ
ا   أ ء آ إ أ
ت ة ة ت ة
ك گ (Farsi only) گ (Farsi only) ک گ
و   ؤ ؤ
ز ژ (Farsi only) ژ (Farsi only) ژ