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Version: 10.3.3

Your device at a glance

BlackBerry device featuring the headset jack and the lock screen and power on/off button on the top of the device. The front camera and notification LED are shown on the front of the device. The volume up, volume down, mute and BlackBerry Assistant buttons are featured on the right of the device. The speaker, multi-function port, and microphone are featured at the bottom of the device. The trays for the media card (micro SD card) and nano SIM card are featured on the left of the device.
  1. Headset jack
  2. Lock screen (Press); Power on/off (Press and hold); Reset (Press and hold for 10 seconds)
  3. Front camera (depending on your device model)
  4. Notification LED
  5. Volume up
  6. Mute (Press); BlackBerry Assistant (Press and hold)
  7. Volume down
  8. Speaker
  9. Multi-function port (supports USB and video)
  10. Microphone
  11. Media card (microSD card) tray
  12. Nano SIM card tray