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Version: 1.2

I received an error message about SIP Error 480 - destination unavailable

BlackBerry Blend can’t find your device if you received the following error message: A network error occurred. Please try connecting again using a USB cable. SIP Error: 480 - destination unavailable.

Try the following actions:
  • Verify that you signed in using the same BlackBerry ID on your device and your computer or tablet:
    • On your device, tap Settings > BlackBerry ID and verify that you’re signed in to BlackBerry ID.
    • In BlackBerry Blend, click Settings > Disconnect. Click Switch Device. Click Switch BlackBerry ID. When prompted, click Yes. Sign in with the same BlackBerry ID that you used for your device.
  • Verify that your device is accepting connections. On the device, tap Settings > Device Connections. Make sure that the Allow Connections option is turned on.
  • If you’re trying to connect wirelessly, try connecting again using a USB cable.
  • Restart your device.