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What is BlackBerry Access?

BlackBerry Access for Windows is a secure browser that allows you to access your organization's intranet and business applications on your Windows device. BlackBerry Access for Windows includes the following features:

  • Provides easy content downloads, bookmarks, and tabbed browsing
  • Supports pop-ups that facilitate the deployment of web apps, such as Cisco WebEx, Salesforce, and custom-developed apps
  • Deploys your organization's HTML5 desktop apps securely and provides you with offline access to them
  • Secures work web apps in containers, ensuring that data never leaves your organization's control
  • Leverages standard end-user authentication, such as SSL, NTLM, and TLS
  • Supports credential persistence
  • Uses PAC file web addresses for secure routing of work data

BlackBerry Access for Windows also provides you with access to BlackBerry Work (email, calendar, and contacts) from the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher in BlackBerry Access.