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Version: 1.3

Add a BBM Enterprise contact

You can add contacts to BBM Enterprise by typing an email address or PIN.

  1. Tap The Invites icon.
  2. Type a PIN or email address.
  3. Click Send.

To cancel an invitation you sent, on the Invites tab, click an invite. Click Cancel Invite.

Find your BBM Enterprise PIN

A PIN is a unique combination of numbers and letters used to identify each person in BBM Enterprise. If you don't want to share personal information, like your phone number or email address, you can share your PIN. People can add you as a BBM Enterprise contact if they know your PIN.

  1. At the top of the screen, click your picture or name.
  2. Your PIN appears on the My Profile screen. To copy your PIN, click the Copy icon.

Delete a contact

If you delete a BBM Enterprise contact, you are removed from that person's contact list as well.

  1. On the Contacts tab, click a name.
  2. Clickthe Delete icon .

Search for coworkers who use BBM Enterprise

You can search for other coworkers that use BBM Enterprise, and add coworkers to your BBM Enterprise contacts.
  1. On the Contacts tab, in the Search field, type a coworker's name, title, email address, or other work info (if permitted by your administrator).
  2. When names appear, click a coworker's name.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To start a chat with the coworker, click The chat icon.
    • To add the coworker to your BBM Enterprise contacts, click The add contact icon.