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Version: 1.4

What's new in BBM Enterprise

The new features for BBM Enterprise 1.4 include the following:

  • All badges, message counts, and notifications are synchronized across all active devices.
  • The chat list shows the number of unread messages for each individual chat.
  • A sender’s avatar is shown in the message notification.
Chat actions
  • Hide Chat replaces End Chat with Delete Chat History setting disabled.
  • Clear Chat replaces End Chat with Delete Chat History setting enabled.
  • Leave Group replaces Leave Chat.
  • Retract Chat and Delete Group can now be directly accessed from a dedicated menu option.

File gallery: View non-image files shared in chats and easily delete files to free up device storage space.

Supported devices: BBM Enterprise now supports a maximum of five active devices per account.

Desktop screen sharing: You can share your full desktop screen or all windows of an app in a chat. All BBM Enterprise apps, including the Android, iOS, Windows, andmacOS clients, must be updated to the latest version to view a desktop screen share.

Desktop proxy: You can send communications through an HTTP forward proxyBBM Enterprise automatically detects if a proxy is available. You can view and edit the proxy configuration. Voice and video calls are not supported when a proxy is required.

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