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Version: 1.3

Start a protected chat

You can chat in real time with your contacts and know when someone has read your message. Share pictures, voice notes, and other files.

To start a protected chat in BBM Enterprise, a passphrase must be shared between you and your contact. By default, this passphrase is shared automatically, and you aren't prompted for a passphrase.

  1. On the Chats screen, click The Start Chat icon.
  2. Click a contact. If you can't find particular contacts, they might be pending contacts or might have recently changed their name.
  3. Click Start Chat.
  4. Type your message.
  5. To add an emoticon or sticker to your message, tap The Smile icon.

Send pictures or files

Depending on your device, some features might not be available.
  1. In a chat, click the Attach icon.
  2. Browse to a file.
  3. Click Open.

Tip: If you receive a picture, you can tap Request HD to request a picture of a higher quality that you can save.

Retract or delete a message

If you didn't mean to send a particular message, you can retract it. When you retract a message, it no longer appears on your devices or your contact's device.

If you want to remove the messages from your devices only, you can delete a message. When you delete a message, it still appears on your contact's device.

  1. In a chat, next to a message or picture that you sent, click the Arrow Down icon.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To delete the message or picture from your devices only, tap Delete.
    • To retract the message from your contact's device, tap Retract.

Retract all messages in a chat

  1. In a chat, click The overflow menu icon.
  2. Click Retract Chat.
  3. Click OK.

Edit a message

If you made a mistake in a message that you sent, you can edit your message. When you edit a message, the original message is retracted and it appears in the message field so you can easily make your changes and resend it.
  1. In a chat, next to a message or picture that you sent, click the Arrow Down icon.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Type a new message.