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What's new in BBM Enterprise

The new features for BBM Enterprise 1.2 include the following:

Multiple points of presence
  • Access your BBM Enterprise account from up to three devices simultaneously
Desktop application
  • Access your BBM Enterprise account from your Windows or macOS desktop
Group chat administration
  • Group chats now have administrators who can:
    • Add and remove participants
    • Allow participants to invite others to the group chat
    • Add and remove administration capabilities for participants
    • Delete the chat for all participants
  • Participants are notified of administrator actions in the chat
Chat history setting
  • Automatically delete your chat history when you end a chat
Retract chat enhancement
  • When you retract a chat, the chat and its encryption keys are deleted
Search result improvement
  • On Androidâ„¢ and iOS devices, in a search, if the administrator has enabled the BBM Protected Active Directory Enabled policy, you can now view the contact card and tap it to designate a method of communication with the contact
User status improvement
  • The status field and personal message field are now consolidated into one status field
iOS file sharing
  • On iOS, share files to BBM Enterprise from another application
Additional updates
  • Updated terms and conditions
  • Encrypted voice and video calls now use AES256-GCM
  • If your administrator increases the time allowed for message expiry, tap on the chat header in a 1:1 chat to start a new chat with the updated time allowed
  • iOS users can accept incoming BBM Enterprise calls from a locked iOS device
  • BBM Enterprise Voice and Video licensees can no longer accept or place unencrypted BBM Enterprise calls
  • BBM Enterprise calls are tagged as calls instead of chat entry in chats
  • Feed items for your own updates are no longer displayed
  • 'Show my country and time' and blocking contacts are no longer supported
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