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About BBM Enterprise

Welcome to BBM Enterprise! With BBM Enterprise, you can chat and share securely in real time with your coworkers, friends, and family. BBM Enterprise adds an extra layer of encryption to provide enhanced security for your chats.

If you're a current BBM Protected user on BBM, you must switch to the BBM Enterprise app.

BBM icons



The Unread icon

Unread message in a chat

The Ping icon

High priority message

Contact wants your attention

The File icon

File has been sent or received

The Draft icon

Draft message

The Sending icon

Message is sending

The Sent icon

Message has been sent

The Delivered icon

Message has been delivered

The Read icon

Message has been read

The Pending or Not Sending icon

Message hasn't been sent yet

Tip: Verify that your device is connected to a wireless network.

The Red X or Not Sent icon

Message couldn't be sent

Tip: Touch and hold the unsent message, and tap The Resend icon to resend it.

The Voice Chat icon

Contact can participate in BBM Voice calls

The Glympse icon

Shared Glympse locations

The Busy icon

Busy status icon

Protected Call

The voice or video chat is protected

Unprotected Call

The voice or video chat is not protected

Locked Contact Name The contact's name is set by the administrator